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The V3 Spreader Control System is currently our top of the line model. Although this system has been around for a number of years now, the V3 Spreader Control System has evolved with the times to stay well ahead of the competition.

The V3 is a comprehensive spreader control system that has proven itself in the field. It enables the operators to concentrate on pointing their machine in the right direction, while the V3 does the rest. The V3 Spreader Control System is continuously adjusting the hopper to maintain the correct application for the current condition.

While spreading, the V3 Spreader Control System is continuously monitoring the output of the hopper. If, for any reason, anything is off target, the V3 will warn the operator with an audible alarm or shut the system down, if needed. This enables operators to keep their attention on the task ahead, rather than worrying if anything has gone wrong. Although this seems to take a bit of getting used to when operators first use a V3, they soon learn to trust the V3 and let it do all the worrying for them.

The fertiliser industry is extremely hard on machinery and electronics. Knowing this, the V3 Spreader Control System has been designed to live in this environment. But even though a system is designed for a certain environment, there will always come a time when something will go wrong. JWE deliver a 24 hour, 7 days a week break down service. The V3 has all the diagnostic tools required to isolate a large number of issues, whether it is electrical, hydraulic, or even mechanical. This enables a technician to talk the operator through a number of tests over the phone, diagnose the fault, and get the required parts on the courier to them, or go on site to repair the machine if the machine is local.

In today’s market, technology is constantly improving itself. Quite often, you will buy a top of the line item only to find that in a week or so time there is something slightly better on the market. The V3 Spreader Control System is also continuously evolving to keep ahead of the game. This is mainly in the form of software modifications, whether it be a new concept an operator has put to us, or a change to improve the life expectancy of the hydraulics. With the V3 Spreader Control System, all software upgrades are free.

The V3 Spreader Control System is a very adaptable system. No matter what setup your machine runs, whether it is single or twin chain, single or twin spinner, blower or non blower, mat or chain, or even if your machine runs something a little different like side select, turbo spinner or runs an auger, the V3 Spreader Control System can handle it all. For more specifics see Installation Options.

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